Is there a viable HAPS business model?
Feb 03, 2021
by Toby Youell

One of the pleasures of reporting on spectrum is that it gives you the opportunity to see the technologies of the future. Spectrum managers were dealing with mega-constellations and 5G, or reading about them in PolicyTracker, years before they they were discussed in the mainstream press. But as well as… Read more...

As Loon’s balloons wind down, what are the prospects for HAPS business models?
Feb 02, 2021
by Dianne Northfield

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) are currently positioned as a complement to both terrestrial and satellite networks, but will they ultimately compete more directly with traditional operators? For at least one player in the market this will not be the case, as Alphabet’s Loon solar-powered balloons prove to be unviable. Read more...