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The tragedy of the commons: tragically misunderstood?
Jan 30, 2016
by Martin Sims

Spectrum policy often seems to rely on a simplistic interpretation of the term, not realising that it is discredited in the disciplines where it was born. Read more...

Opinion: UK spectrum reform – the verdict from the licence-free community
Oct 23, 2007
by Website author

The amount of spectrum allocated to licence-free use is usually an arbitrary regulatory decision. But is there another way? Yes, argues Robert Horvitz, who was recently asked to give his assessment of spectrum reform in the UK. Read more...

Opinion: the nine regimes of spectrum management
Jun 21, 2007
by Website author

Spectrum management is more complex than usually imagined, argues Gerard Pogorel. There are nine possible regimes, not just command and control, market or commons, and it is more productive to think of wireless clusters rather than individual technologies Read more...

May printed issue available for download
May 01, 2007
by Website author

Our theme this month is cognitive radio. After the first 'real world' trials in Ireland we analyse technological progress and the reaction from regulators and the scientific community. Read more...

Cognitive radio: we’re entering new territory…metaphorically speaking
Apr 25, 2007
by Website author

We get a grasp on the ephemeral world of wireless communications through familiar metaphors. New research says this spells trouble for technologies like cognitive radio which don’t fit into existing frameworks. Read more...

Critics applaud Ofcom’s proposals for licence-exempt spectrum
Apr 19, 2007
by Website author

The UK’s regulator’s blueprint for unlicensed frequencies has received a more positive response than previous proposals. However, some campaigners are concerned about the legal basis for regulating this type of spectrum usage. Read more...

US think tank research challenges traditional spectrum theory
Oct 24, 2006
by Website author

The tendency in spectrum policy to link the licensed model with property rights and the unlicensed model with a commons may need a serious rethink, argues a new paper by Dr Jim Snider of the New America Foundation. Read more...

No need for more licence-exempt spectrum
Apr 28, 2006
by Website author

Despite the growing demand for services using unlicensed spectrum the bands are not congested according to the preliminary findings of a European Commission study. Read more...

You can share and have exclusive rights says US spectrum guru
Nov 01, 2005
by Website author

Wireless investments depend on guaranteed access to spectrum, argues Professor Tom Hazlett, but that’s not the same as exclusive use. Read more...

Can spectrum licensing breach human rights law?
Aug 18, 2005
by Website author

Some forms of wireless licensing could contravene international human rights law, according to the respected pressure group. Article 19, which campaigns for freedom of expression. Read more...