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New spectrum policy book features PolicyTracker analysts
Mar 07, 2022
by Martin Sims

PolicyTracker is delighted to announce the publication of a new collection of essays featuring several of our staff and many well-known names in the spectrum policy world. The Debates Shaping Spectrum Policy is published by the Taylor and Francis Group and is available in hardback or as an ebook. From… Read more...

US government agency is “pumping money” into research on unrestricted spectrum access
Oct 25, 2020
by Toby Youell

Spectrum management resembles the fixed telecoms networks of the 1990s, according to a key official at a US government research body, but he has a plan to push things forward. Read more...

Climate concerns to drive 6G development
Sep 29, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

While mobile operators and equipment manufacturers often pursue energy efficiency as a cost-saving measure, researchers and academics have set out sustainability as a pillar upon which to build their vision of 6G. Read more...

US Department of Defense to fund AI-based spectrum sharing at 3550—3700 MHz
Jun 26, 2020
by Toby Youell

One of the finalists in last year’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2), Zylinium, will take its software out of the emulator and into the 3550—3700 MHz band. Read more...

US military funds research into generalizable machine learning algorithms for spectrum management
Dec 10, 2018
by Toby Youell

Machine learning is credited with revolutionizing other sectors, such as voice recognition software, and many hope it can have a similar impact on spectrum management.  Read more...

RSPG to examine role of machine learning
Aug 07, 2018
by Manuel R. Marti

There is growing interest in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to spectrum: Google thinks it could replace propagation modelling; a leading consultancy has described the telecoms sector as a "perfect opportunity" and AI will be one of the forthcoming study areas for the EU's spectrum advisory group.  Read more...