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June editorial: The first of many battles?
Jun 02, 2006
by Website author

The June edition of PolicyTracker is now available for download and our themes this month are the WAPI standards dispute and the start of RRC-06. Read more...

Appeal launched against ISO’s rejection of Chinese wireless standard
May 26, 2006
by PolicyTracker

The Chinese authorities have made some serious allegations about the IEEE in what is being called a last ditch attempt to secure a place on the global stage for WAPI, their own wireless LAN security standard. Read more...

Time to call the lawyers?
Mar 28, 2006
by Website author

Are there grounds for legal action over the allocation of the 2.5 GHz band? Elements within the 3G and WiMAX communities both believe they have a case, but lawyers are more sceptical. Read more...

Intelligent Cars sans spectrum on track for collision
Mar 28, 2006
by Website author

Tell the world you have a technology that will save lives and you’ve got a successful press campaign but given existing spectrum constraints can safety in the Intelligent Car ever be guaranteed? Read more...

Europe divided, Asia takes the lead
Mar 27, 2006
by Website author

Does it matter that the dream of allowing alternative mobile broadband services across Europe in the 2.5 GHz band has been thwarted yet again? South Korea may soon give us the answer. Read more...

Regulators look set to accept compromise on 2.5 GHz
Feb 28, 2006
by Website author

With those countries firmly opposed to technology neutrality digging in their heels finding the middle ground seems the likely solution to the long running dispute over allocation of this 3G expansion band. Read more...

Outlook for 2006: 2.5-2.69 GHz
Jan 10, 2006
by Website author

Billions of euros have been invested and all the biggest players are involved so 2.5-2.69 GHz is the biggest test yet for Europe’s liberalizers - a touchstone for technology neutrality. Read more...

Are the stakes as high as €14B a year?
Oct 04, 2005
by Website author

The enormous number of responses to the EC’s 2.5 GHz consultation shows how important this is to the industry. Most responses are in favour of technology neutrality but there are also claims that this approach would cost Europe €14B a year. Read more...

Crunch time for 2.5Ghz
May 05, 2005
by Website author

Lobbying campaigns are intensifying as Europe’s regulators prepare for a meeting crucial to determining future allocations in the 2.5 Ghz band. Read more...