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WAPECs enters the statute books but EU-wide implementation is years away
Jun 23, 2008
by Michael Newlands

The European Commission has published its decision designating 2.6GHz as the first WAPECs band but there is concern about clauses which allow member states to delay the start of the technology and service neutral licensing regime. Read more...

Delay in 2.6GHz auction another battle in WiMAX wars?
Jun 10, 2008
by Michael Newlands

Ofcom has postponed the sale of this key WiMAX and 3G band pending the outcome of legal action by mobile operators T-Mobile and O2 Read more...

June 2008 printed issue available for download
Jun 03, 2008
by Website author

This month we reflect on the significance of Europe's first major spectrum auctions this year: 2.6GHz in Sweden and L-band in the UK. Read more...

Manufacturers enter European spectrum market
May 30, 2008
by Website author

The two major auctions in Sweden and the UK this month have seen Intel and Qualcomm buy spectrum in order to stimulate the development of their products. Is this the start of a new trend? Read more...

Swedish auction is Intel’s first European spectrum purchase
May 09, 2008
by Website author

The sale of 2.6GHz in Sweden has raised considerably more than a similar auction in Norway. Will we now see more spectrum purchases by manufacturers seeking to boost the sales of their products? Read more...

Swedish 2.6GHz auction raises 226M euros
May 08, 2008
by Website author

After 16 days and 112 rounds of bidding Sweden's second internet spectrum auction has closed, with all the licences sold and several big names among the winners. Read more...

WiMAX lobby hails adoption of provisional 2.6GHz standard
May 07, 2008
by Michael Newlands

WiMAX proponents are claiming a victory following a two and a half year struggle to get a 2.6GHz harmonised standard approved by European standards body ETSI. Read more...

No liberalised licensing in UK for at least 12 months
Nov 23, 2006
by Website author

Industry nerves slow down implementation of technology and service neutral licensing. Read more...

Commission admits defeat
Mar 31, 2006
by Website author

The European Commission has accepted that it can’t get regulators in the Radio Spectrum Committee to agree on EU-wide access to the 2.5 GHz band for technologies like WiMAX. Read more...

The Commission answers PolicyTracker’s questions on 2.5 GHz
Mar 31, 2006
by Website author

The full text of the responses from InfoSoc and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding. Read more...