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United States
May 31, 2022
by Laura Sear

The world’s biggest economy continues to lead in spectrum policy innovation Read more...

Mar 22, 2022
by Dugie Standeford

Verizon offers technology and communications services in the US but also operates a global fibre-optic network that provides connectivity to business customers in over 180 countries. The big winner in the 2020 Federal Communications Commission 3.7 GHz auction, the telco launched 5G services in the C-band in January 2022. Read more...

United States (2021)
Aug 04, 2021
by Toby Youell

The world’s biggest economy continues to lead in spectrum policy innovation Read more...

Mar 17, 2021
by Dugie Standeford

Verizon was the big winner in the 2020 Federal Communications Commission's 3.7 GHz (C-band) auction, boosting its sub-6 GHz holdings by 120 percent. The spectrum will be a "critical component" of its 5G strategy, but the operator is also interested in 6 GHz and 3.45 - 3.55 GHz. Read more...

Sunsetting 2G and 3G networks: global status
Jul 01, 2020
by Catherine Viola

What are the global trends in refarming legacy bands to use for 4G or 5G?  Some operators have already switched over, but for others their strategy has to accommodate the use of 2G for M2M services. Read more...

Operators overview 2020
Jan 15, 2020
by Dugie Standeford

For mobile operators, the focus remains on deploying 5G in 2020, although AT&T and Verizon are already offering services in selected US cities. In Europe, 5G will be rolled out in 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz, while US and Asian players are using mmWave bands such as 28 GHz and… Read more...

Verizon (2020)
Dec 05, 2019
by Dugie Standeford

In October 2018, US carrier Verizon's 5G Home Internet became the world's first service offering explicitly branded 5G.  Verizon's spectrum focus is currently on 3.7-4.2 GHz (C-Band), 6 GHz and the upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz bands. Read more...

United States (2019)
Jan 03, 2019
by Jonathan Watson

With the 600 MHz incentive auction now complete, US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is trying to accelerate the development of 5G. Read more...

Verizon (2019)
Dec 10, 2018
by Dugie Standeford

US-only carrier Verizon's 4G LTE network covers 98% of the US population and it expects to launch 5G wireless broadband services in several markets in 2018. Its current focus is on the 3.7-4.2 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 28 GHz, 29 GHz, 31 GHz and 39 GHz bands. It's also pressing for… Read more...

FCC 600 MHz incentive auction
Nov 17, 2017
by Patrick Gahan

In March 2017 the FCC assigned licences in the 600 MHz band by means of an incentive auction where broadcasters offered their spectrum through a reverse auction and this was made available to operators through a forward auction. Read more...