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Vendor Overview
Nov 03, 2019
by Dianne Northfield

As WRC-19 approaches, there is greater clarity in vendor’s 5G spectrum priorities. In addition to identifying the importance of sub-1 GHz and mid-band 3.5 GHz spectrum, vendors consider that initial 5G deployments using mmWave spectrum will focus on 26 GHz and 28 GHz, followed by 40 GHz. There is more… Read more...

Vendor overview (2019)
Dec 18, 2018
by Catherine Viola

Regarding 5G identification at WRC-19, vendors support 26 GHz but expect bandwidth to be restricted by interference concerns; they also back 40 GHz and 66-76 GHz, while accepting that 32 GHz will not win approval. They are also argue that licensing of 5G spectrum for mobile operators should be prioritised… Read more...