More about "Russia"
Nov 26, 2019
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

The Russian authorities are aiming to release 5G spectrum, but the country’s leading mobile operators are yet to agree on whether to establish a joint venture to develop the necessary infrastructure. The outcome of their negotiations will most likely define the mode of spectrum distribution that will be adopted by… Read more...

Russia: population density map and data
Mar 19, 2019
by Chetan Chauhan-Sims

Legend Population density (People per km2)  <1  1-5  5-25  25- 250  250-1000  >1000 Uninhabited  Read more...

Global overview of 700 MHz spectrum assignment
Jan 24, 2018
by Patrick Gahan

Steady progress is being made in releasing 700 MHz for mobile with 30 auctions anticipated over the next three years. Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas are the furthest advanced but few definite plans have been made in Africa or central Asian countries. Read more...