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An introduction to spectrum refarming
Jul 28, 2022
by Catherine Viola

Why do operators want to repurpose their spectrum?  What policies and technologies underpin spectrum refarming? Which are the crucial 2G and 3G bands? Read more...

Jun 22, 2022
by Dianne Northfield

Samsung identifies a range of mid-band spectrum targets as key for 5G/6G deployments – 2.6 GHz, 3.1-4.2 GHz, 4.4-4.5 GHz and a number of frequency ranges between 7-24 GHz. The company also prioritises the release of high-band mmWave spectrum – 26 GHz, 28 GHz and 37-43.5 GHz – for 5G. Read more...

United States
May 31, 2022
by Laura Sear

The world’s biggest economy continues to lead in spectrum policy innovation Read more...

United Kingdom
May 17, 2022
by Richard Haas

With work still continuing on the assignment of the 26 GHz band, Ofcom's focus turns to improving local licencing regimes while looking ahead to future spectrum management issues, such as terahertz and the increasing popularity of low-earth orbit satellites. Read more...

May 17, 2022
by Richard Handford

Japan’s policy is to release new spectrum and reorganise existing allocations in anticipation of strong demand in the future from 5G/Beyond 5G, satellite, IoT/Wi-Fi and next generation mobility systems such as V2X. Read more...

May 15, 2022
by Richard Handford

China wants to release more spectrum to sustain its 5G drive. Read more...

South Korea
May 15, 2022
by Richard Handford

The focus of South Korea’s spectrum policy is to support its goal of being the most advanced country in the world for 5G technology and deployment. Read more...

May 10, 2022
by Richard Handford

India continues to debate whether maximising financial returns or prioritising the wider economic benefits is the best course for spectrum policy. Read more...

May 09, 2022
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting Western sanctions on Moscow are likely to further delay 5G’s rollout across the country. The Russian state is determined to keep using the 3.4 - 3.8 GHz band for military purposes, forcing local operators to develop 5G services with the use of the… Read more...

May 09, 2022
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s regulator UKE has been postponing the launch of its first 5G spectrum auction for the past two years after canceling its previous attempt in 2020. The lagging legislative work on amending the law on the National Cyber-Security System has hampered efforts by the agency to sell the spectrum, as… Read more...