Why the growing interest in spectrum sharing?
Aug 13, 2020
by Dianne Northfield

Increased demand for spectrum and a desire to use it more efficiently; as well as the emergence of new technologies and recognition of the limits of liberalisation have combined to give spectrum sharing a new importance. Read more...

Comparing the frameworks for licensed spectrum sharing
Aug 13, 2020
by Dianne Northfield

What approaches are different countries taking? How does CBRS in the US differ from LSA in Europe? What other methods are being adopted? Are some frameworks for licensed spectrum sharing particularly suited to 5G? Read more...

A visual guide to policy initiatives in spectrum above 90 GHz
Aug 06, 2020
by PolicyTracker

There is growing interest in commercial use of spectrum above 90 GHz but availability is a confused picture. This diagram and explanatory note identifies the split between active and passive services as well as highlighting which frequencies are being studied by regulatory bodies and research projects. Read more...

Terahertz spectrum policy opportunities: New spectrum, new policy approaches
Jul 21, 2020
by Dianne Northfield

A number of recent technology, standards and regulatory developments have elevated discussions around the use of terahertz spectrum for commercial fixed and wireless communications. The current focus of research and regulatory activities is on the lower end of the terahertz range – 300-450 GHz – where technologies have evolved to… Read more...

Dynamic spectrum sharing benefits 5G roll-outs
Jul 03, 2020
by Catherine Viola

A new software solution - dynamic spectrum sharing - is allowing operators to mix LTE and 5G in a single band rather than using the traditional refarming technique of specific frequencies for each. This has been launched in some countries and is speeding 5G deployment. Read more...

An introduction to spectrum refarming
Jul 01, 2020
by Catherine Viola

Why do operators want to repurpose their spectrum?  What policies and technologies underpin spectrum refarming? Which are the crucial 2G and 3G bands? Read more...

Sunsetting 2G and 3G networks: global status
Jul 01, 2020
by Catherine Viola

What are the global trends in refarming legacy bands to use for 4G or 5G?  Some operators have already switched over, but for others their strategy has to accommodate the use of 2G for M2M services. Read more...

Wide national policy divergence for 5G vertical spectrum
Jun 29, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Vertical industries seeking to gain 5G connectivity are facing a complex and disparate international policy environment. Approaches range from no specific spectrum for verticals; to Germany’s reserved frequencies; the UK’s embrace of sharing; and the CBRS system in the USA.  Read more...

Are the satellite and mobile industries on the cusp of a new alignment?
May 22, 2020
by Richard Handford

Mobile's desire to find new markets by connecting the unconnected is reshaping its relationship with satellite. But are the economics of the space industry sufficiently transformed to revolutionise rural coverage? Read more...

2G and 3G Network Closures Tracker
May 07, 2020
by PolicyTracker

This Tracker shows which operators have announced sunset dates for their 2G and 3G services. Read more...