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UK operators continue trading negotiations after C-band auction
May 07, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

UK's regulator Ofcom had hoped that the four-week negotiation stage included in its recent C-band spectrum auction would be enough to defragment the 3400—3800 MHz range. In the end, only one spectrum trading agreement was reached during those negotiations—so mobile operators are continuing to hold bilateral talks. Read more...

Three UK: “O2 and Vodafone were asking Ofcom to undo the 5G auction results”
Feb 11, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

PolicyTracker interviewed Luis López Jiménez, director of Regulation, Competition and Markets at Three UK, on the operator’s 5G advantage, its spectrum strategy and why a direct allocation would have made more sense. Read more...

Vodafone Idea ignores rival’s call for “2G-free” India
Oct 07, 2020
by Richard Handford

Indian operator Vodafone Idea (VIL) is to phase out 3G while maintaining its 2G service, despite a competitor's call for all 2G users to be upgraded. Read more...

Ofcom details 5G auction rules with no coverage obligations
Mar 17, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

UK regulator Ofcom has unveiled the rules for its upcoming spectrum auction, which will sell 80 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band along with the 120 MHz left in the 3.6—3.8 GHz band.  Read more...

German airline gets into 5G via deals with Vodafone and Nokia
Mar 05, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

Lufthansa has unveiled two innovation projects to test out 5G private networks at Hamburg airport, claiming to be the first company outside Asia to operate a standalone 5G network in an industrial environment.  Read more...

Battles over mid-band spectrum continue in Europe
Feb 06, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

A long-running row over 5G spectrum intensified last week when the mobile and industrial sector clashed again over access to the 3.5 GHz band.  Read more...

UK regulator announces first spectrum sharing deal
Oct 14, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

Vodafone has become the first UK mobile operator to share its unused 4G spectrum in a bid to improve coverage in rural areas.  Read more...

Vodafone Zambia loses its licence and spectrum
Oct 08, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

Zambia’s regulator Zicta says it has withdrawn the licence for Vodafone’s local franchise holder due to financial problems.  Read more...

Spectrum takes centre stage in Vodafone’s Australian legal challenge
May 31, 2019
by Richard Handford

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) needs more spectrum to compete effectively with larger rivals Telstra and Optus, according to a document the company filed this week with the Federal Court of Australia.  Read more...

UK regulator seeks to make spectrum sharing easier in mobile bands
Jan 31, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

UK regulator Ofcom has proposed new measures to facilitate spectrum sharing in mobile bands, authorising third parties to “exploit” unused awarded spectrum.   Read more...