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South Korea to change spectrum pricing regime for MNOs
Jan 13, 2021
by Richard Handford

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT is working on a proposal to combine auction charges and annual usage fees into a single payment for spectrum. Read more...

South Korea to reassign more C-band spectrum for 5G
Jul 30, 2020
by Richard Handford

South Korea wants to assign a further 320 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band for 5G, following its initial award of 280 MHz in the band in 2018. Read more...

South Korea backs unlicensed use in 6 GHz band
Jul 09, 2020
by Richard Handford

South Korea has become the latest country, following recent decisions in the US and Brazil, to open 5925—7125 MHz for unlicensed services. Read more...

Asian 5G frontrunners support 3.5 GHz, despite obstacles
Sep 24, 2019
by Richard Handford

The problem of coexistence with satellite TV may be putting the brakes on the adoption of 3.5 GHz, also known as the C-band, in some Asian countries, but it is still proving the most popular band for 5G across the region.  Read more...

Asian countries back stringent regime for TDD networks
Aug 29, 2019
by Richard Handford

Asian countries are adopting strict rules to prevent interference between Time Division Duplex (TDD)-based 5G networks in the popular 3.5 GHz band.  Read more...

China sets timeline for mmWave bands
Jul 09, 2019
by Richard Handford

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) plans to announce which millimetre wave (mmWave) bands the country will use for 5G by December 2019, with 26 GHz the obvious candidate.  Read more...

Indonesia demos 5G in Asian Games and targets 2022 for full launch
Aug 10, 2018
by Richard Handford

Indonesia is a huge market but its vast archipelago of islands means satellite is vitally important. The country is currently studying which bands can be used for 5G without compromising its existing services. Read more...

South Korea’s 5G auction stands up well to international benchmarks
Jul 04, 2018
by Richard Handford

South Korea may have broken new ground with its auction of 28 GHz for 5G, but the proceeds from the sale of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band probably gave the government greater satisfaction. Read more...

Mobile operators attend 28 GHz band meeting for the first time
Mar 07, 2018
by Richard Handford

Operators from countries such as South Korea, Japan and the US attended a meeting held by a group that backs 28 GHz for the first time. Mexico’s regulator was also represented. Read more...

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics offer glimpse of 5G’s possibilities
Feb 23, 2018
by Richard Handford

Korean operator KT and vendors Intel and Samsung have been showing off 5G on snow and ice for the past two weeks, but the actual offerings at the event have felt relatively low key. Read more...