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Largest telecoms players set their sights on 6G
May 13, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

The world’s biggest players in telecoms are attempting to find a common vision for 6G with several key events already taking place this year.  Read more...

Europe’s three approaches to mmWave licensing
Feb 02, 2021
by Dugie Standeford

German regulator BNetzA recently made 26 GHz available for local licensing, which is one of the three main approaches for the band to have emerged so far, according to Qualcomm. The others are club licences, as used in Italy, and the spectrum reservations for verticals adopted in Finland. Read more...

6 GHz: a debate about harmonisation and coexistence
Jul 17, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

PolicyTracker’s webinar on the 6 GHz band highlighted the divisions between the Wi-Fi sector, the mobile industry and equipment manufacturers when it comes to WRC-23 Agenda Item 1.2. Read more...

Manufacturers call for exclusive local area access to spectrum for industrial 5G use cases
May 04, 2018
by Toby Youell

The US plans to award various mmWave bands for 5G at the county or partial economic area level, while in the C-band it plans to share the spectrum, allowing exclusive use in a portion of the spectrum at the smallest geographical level. Read more...

Mobile operators attend 28 GHz band meeting for the first time
Mar 07, 2018
by Richard Handford

Operators from countries such as South Korea, Japan and the US attended a meeting held by a group that backs 28 GHz for the first time. Mexico’s regulator was also represented. Read more...

3GPP Release 15 puts more sub-6 GHz spectrum on the table for 5G
Jan 15, 2018
by Kane Mumford

The 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz bands are under revision in CEPT for use with 5G New Radio (5G NR). Commercial deployment is on the way, say vendors. Read more...

UK regulator eyes spectrum sharing in 3.8-4.2 GHz band
Jan 11, 2018
by Kane Mumford

Plans are in their early stages but Ofcom is looking at the possibility of granting industrial and commercial users direct access to spectrum in the satellite band. The regulator is also due to announce its plans for coverage obligations in its auction of 700 MHz spectrum in the coming months. Read more...

The story of 2017 in 5G quotes: episode 2
Dec 29, 2017
by Kane Mumford

In the second part of this two-part series, we reflect on the continuing discussions this year about the mmWave bands. Read more...

5G Americas says 3GPP-set tuning ranges will assist global harmonisation
Nov 17, 2017
by Kane Mumford

"Tuning range" solutions, in which adjacent or nearly adjacent bands can be considered harmonised if equipment can be reconfigured to operate over multiple bands, are capable of generating the same benefits as harmonised spectrum allocations, says the mobile industry body. Read more...

“In Europe, the start of 5G will be below 6 GHz”
Nov 10, 2017
by Kane Mumford

PolicyTracker recently discussed 5G with Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, chief technical officer at Deutsche Telekom. Read more...