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GSMA claims reserving spectrum for verticals is exacerbating the “squeeze” on MNOs
Jun 13, 2022
by Richard Haas

A new report from the industry body argues that mobile network operators (MNOs) are not seeing fair returns compared to big tech companies and that reserving spectrum for verticals may be contributing to this imbalance. Read more...

Germany allows mobile operators to use 3.7—3.8 GHz vertical spectrum
Apr 21, 2022
by Laura Sear

Germany was the first EU member state to set aside part of the 3.6 GHz band for verticals, attracting both praise and criticism. It has now amended its regulations to allow mobile operators to use the spectrum as well. Read more...

German competition authority urges regulator to stick with spectrum auctions despite change in law
Jan 20, 2022
by Richard Haas

German competition advisory body the Monopolkommission has urged the German regulator to use spectrum auctions despite a recent change in the telecoms law that means they are no longer the first choice for licence awards. Read more...

New German government pledges to protect current users of UHF band
Dec 15, 2021
by Richard Haas

Germany’s new three-party coalition government promised to protect the UHF band in a recently published policy document and has called for support from other countries. Read more...

German alliance seeks to protect UHF frequencies for broadcasting
Oct 27, 2021
by Dugie Standeford

The newly launched Alliance for Broadcasting and Cultural Frequencies is campaigning to keep the 470—694 MHz band away from mobile operators, the military and the security services. Read more...

Alliance promotes mission-critical use of 450 MHz
Aug 25, 2021
by Dugie Standeford

Once considered a pioneer mobile band, 450 MHz is attracting growing attention as a band for mission-critical next-generation communications for utilities, governments and other uses, but the UK utility sector is seeking access to different frequencies for next-generation operations. Read more...

Germany considers giving MNOs access to 3.7—3.8 GHz verticals band
Jul 28, 2021
by Dugie Standeford

German regulator BNetzA is mulling whether to expand access to the 3.7—3.8 GHz band, now used for industry campus networks, to mobile network operators (MNOs) and other users. If this goes ahead, the band will join the 26 GHz band (24.25—27.5 GHz) in offering verticals and MNOs greater access to… Read more...

Largest telecoms players set their sights on 6G
May 13, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

The world’s biggest players in telecoms are attempting to find a common vision for 6G with several key events already taking place this year.  Read more...

26 GHz heralds likely return of the administrative assignment
Feb 17, 2021
by Manuel R. Marti

Lack of demand and uncertainty regarding the business case are prompting regulators in the UK and Ireland and other countries to contemplate an administrative assignment for the release of the 26 GHz band. Read more...

Battles over mid-band spectrum continue in Europe
Feb 06, 2020
by Manuel R. Marti

A long-running row over 5G spectrum intensified last week when the mobile and industrial sector clashed again over access to the 3.5 GHz band.  Read more...