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Ofcom consultation on Starlink application for six satellite licences
Jun 27, 2022
by Mirva Villa

Ofcom is inviting comments on Starlink's application for six non-geostationary orbit earth station licences. Starlink, the subsidiary of American spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX, is seeking six gateway licences operating in the Ka band frequencies. Starlink already operates three gateways in the UK, and the proposed additional licences are aimed to help… Read more...

French consultation on Starlink’s use of 12 GHz and 14 GHz bands
Apr 11, 2022
by Richard Haas

The French regulator, ARCEP, is consulting on granting spectrum licences to Starlink for its satellite broadband services. Starlink is seeking licences in the 10.95 - 12.70 GHz and 14-14.5 GHz bands. Although Arcep has previously issued licences to Starlink, France's Council of State last week ruled to revoke these licences.… Read more...