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Mexican consultation on mobile equipment operating in various bands
Sep 28, 2020
by Toby Youell

Mexico's regulator, the IFT, is consulting on technical specifications for mobile terminal equipment that can use the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, AWS, and/or 2.6 GHz bands. The consultation is available for public comment until November 6.   Read more...

Chilean consultation on planned spectrum auctions
Jan 15, 2020
by Toby Youell

Chile's regulator, Subtel, has issued a consultation about its plans for four separate auctions to assign several bands. These are: 150 MHz of spectrum between 3.3 GHz and 3.65 GHz, available in 10 MHz blocks; 800 MHz of spectrum in the 28 GHz band, split into two 400 MHz blocks;… Read more...

Peruvian consultation on spectrum caps
Dec 03, 2018
by Toby Youell

Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications has issued a consultation on proposed spectrum caps. The caps would prevent a single entity from holding more than 140 MHz of low-band spectrum and more than 120 MHz of mid-band spectrum. Low-band spectrum is defined as the 450 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz,… Read more...