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Chinese support would boost 700 MHz across Asia
Apr 05, 2019
by Richard Handford

China appears to be getting closer to releasing the 700 MHz band for mobile use. The benefits of the band for mobile broadband, including rural and in-building coverage, are well documented. Chinese support, as well as making 700 MHz available domestically, would enable neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau to move ahead… Read more...

What are the financial implications of mobile coverage obligations?
Mar 19, 2019
by Martin Sims

Download the coverage obligations white paper Mobile coverage obligations are an increasingly important part of spectrum auctions and national connectivity strategies. This reflects the growing economic importance of mobile broadband and the patchy success of previous initiatives. In many developed nations there are no reliable voice and data services in… Read more...

Spectrum Research Service: What is happening to the current mobile bands?

In the past few weeks we have updated our Spectrum Research Service entries about the current mobile bands and will be highlighting trends in a series of research notes. We start by identifying the technological progression from 2G to 5G. Some bands are still being used for 2G - and… Read more...

Research update: The spectrum market in Europe’s four biggest economies

Although 26 GHz is a long term prospect for the development of new mobile services in Europe, the region’s immediate hopes are pinned on two bands: 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz. Read more...

German 700 MHz band spectrum stuck at near reserve price
Jun 03, 2015
by PolicyTracker

The world's most sought-after spectrum is currently being auctioned in what is arguably Europe's strongest economy - so why are wallets staying closed? Read more...

Will the next RSPP maintain Europe’s commitment to spectrum for PPDR?
Apr 23, 2015
by PolicyTracker

In the run-up to this year's World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15), one issue discussed less than others so far is Agenda Item 1.3, which looks at identifying spectrum for broadband public protection and disaster relief (PPDR). Read more...

One year on from the High Level Group, compromise on the UHF band looks as unlikely as ever
Apr 16, 2015
by PolicyTracker

The deadline has now passed for comments on the Lamy report on the future of the UHF band in Europe. While the European Commission won't release the consultation responses for a month – there were 354, of which 260 were from individuals and 94 from organisations – statements issued this… Read more...

Watch this space for spectrum sharing – but which space?
Jan 14, 2015
by PolicyTracker

At an annual consultation meeting on Ofcom's draft annual plan, the regulator's director of spectrum policy Charles Jenne confirmed it was currently working on future spectrum sharing initiatives. Read more...

700 MHz: the UK’s worst kept secret is finally out
May 28, 2014
by PolicyTracker

Ofcom intends to reallocate the 700 MHz band for mobile broadband. Read more...

Canadian 700 MHz auction: can quintillions of choices be a good thing?
Jan 14, 2014
by Martin Sims

The startling complexity of the latest Combinatorial Clock Auction (CCA) presents a new challenge for the format. Read more...