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450 MHz
Mar 10, 2021
by Toby Youell

Although it was one of the pioneer mobile bands, 450 MHz has not been widely used in the past twenty years. However, companies are now seeing potential in using both the 450 MHz and adjacent 400 MHz bands for niche use cases. Read more...

Above 100 GHz
Jun 15, 2018
by Patrick Gahan

Regulators are starting to draw up rules for the use of bands above 100 GHz, even though work on potential commercial uses is still at a research stage. Most stakeholders do not see such high frequencies spectrum as being a priority and for 5G interest is focussed on lower bands… Read more...

100 – 200 GHz
Oct 12, 2017
by Patrick Gahan

There is some interest in deploying 5G in these bands but work in this area is at an experimental stage. Most stakeholders do not regard this as a priority and some important players think frequencies above 100 GHz are inherently unsuitable. (This entry has been replaced but the Above 100… Read more...