WRC-19 makes a new possible 5G band: 10 – 10.5 GHz
Feb 20, 2020 by Spectrum Research Service Blog


Bands10-10.5 GHz (2021), 40 GHz (2020), 2.1 GHz (2020)
Tags10 - 10.5 GHz, 2.1 GHz, 40 GHz, Spectrum Research Service, WRC-23

When the world’s regulators met in Egypt last year to discuss the agenda for WRC-23, it was widely thought that there will be a discussion of potential IMT identifications in frequencies between 3.3 GHz and 24 GHz.

As with every compromise, not everyone got what they wanted. The satellite and licence-exempt communities were not able to prevent any discussions of the bands they use, and the mobile broadband industry’s options were limited to a relatively small amount of spectrum.

One of those bands, the 10 – 10.5 GHz, is perhaps surprising. Although it has been under discussion in the USA for some time, the rest of the world have not been rushing to award it. But now it is on the agenda for WRC-23, it is on regulators’ radars.

To take this development into account, we have now added a profile of 10 – 10.5 GHz to our collection of possible 5G bands. We have also updated the other profiles to take into account various decisions made at WRC-19, such as the global identification of the 37 – 43.5 GHz band for IMT, and the apparent resolution of the S-Band/2.1 GHz band issues.

All of these profiles are available as part of the Spectrum Research Service.

By Toby Youell