Where’s the money for mobile operators in the IoT?
Apr 18, 2018 by Spectrum Research Service Blog


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IoT is certainly a growth area for the communications industry over the next decade, but what does this mean in financial terms and which sectors are likely to benefit? Globally most mobile operators are suffering from flat or declining revenues, can a growing share of the IoT market turn things around?

These are the questions addressed in our latest research note.

Research notes

Analysts expect mobile to dominate the market for IoT connections, but there is greater uncertainty about what this will mean for revenues.

Countdown to WRC-19: Part 1 – agenda, processes and timelines

November 2017 marked the half-way point between WRC-15 and WRC-19, the regular inter-governmental meeting tasked with amending the Radio Regulations.

Countdown to WRC-19: Part 2 – HAPS and non-5G mobile

This Research Note looks at agenda items contained in Chapters 1 and 2 of the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) Report, principally new spectrum for High Altitude Platforms (HAPS); the identification of frequencies for some transport applications; extending the 5GHz Wi-Fi band; and terrestrial and satellite coexistence around 2 GHz.

Countdown to WRC-19 Report: Part 3 – satellite services

This research note looks at the satellite agenda items in Chapter 3 of the CPM Report, focussing on the removal of a restriction on broadcasting-satellite services and improving spectrum access for movable earth stations and non-geostationary satellites.

Auction tracker updates

Opinion: Is harmful interference going down?

Spectrum analysts (including me) often proclaim that harmful interference is a growing problem, or at the very least a growing risk. That sounds obvious, given the growing profusion of radios, packed more and more densely together in frequency and space. But could the opposite be true?

UK auction: operators push up 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz benchmark

Ireland’s 3.5 GHz auction last year demonstrated mobile operators’ interest in this potential 5G band and this has been confirmed by the UK’s auction results, where the price for a single block rose from £1 million to £38 million.

End of US incentive auction will boost TV white space, says DSA

Interest in the technology is growing now the conclusion of US 600 MHz auction is bringing regulatory certainty, says Kalpak Gude, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, in an interview with PolicyTracker. TV white space is often regarded as a commercial failure, but this is premature, Gude told us.

Mobile penetration is higher without auctions, study claims

The auction versus beauty contest debate is alive and well in the mobile industry as it heads towards 5G contests. A study of 3G licence awards between 2000 and 2010 found that countries who staged auctions saw lower mobile penetration afterwards than those who used beauty contests, but not everyone agrees with the findings.