The Spectrum Handbook gets a revamp for 2023-24!

Our latest version is easier to read as well as featuring new data, illustrations and maps.

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The new edition of the Spectrum Handbook has had a design refresh to match our new website and we have made some editorial improvements as well.

It is now 32 pages instead of over 200 but hasn’t lost any content because it is designed to be read in conjunction with our website. The PDF version of the Spectrum Handbook has an overview of each topic area and to dig into a specific topic—L-band or Vodafone, say—it will link to our website.

Global licences and MHz/pop pricing in 2.6 GHz

This means the graphs and maps have the interactivity that can only come from a website, as well as being updated every three months.

We have added more graphic elements: there is a map for each band showing where it has been licensed as well as a graph of MHz/pop pricing dating back to 1997.

Spectrum Research Service subscribers can download the 2023-24 Spectrum Handbook here.


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