The role of satellite in extending terrestrial IOT networks
Apr 23, 2018 by Spectrum Research Service Blog


TagsEutelsat, IoT, LoRa, LoRaWAN, LPWAN, Sigfox

In the second of our series of Research Notes about IoT networks, we consider the benefits of adding a satellite component and the industry progress in achieving this.

Dedicated terrestrial IOT networks such as Sigfox and LoRa – optimised for long range, low cost and long battery life –  are  enabling a raft of applications but cannot reach the most remote locations.

Our latest research note examines how the integration of satellites is meeting this need.

Research notes

In the second of our series of articles about IoT networks, we consider the benefits of adding a satellite component and the industry progress in achieving this.

Where’s the money for mobile operators in the IoT?

Analysts expect mobile to dominate the market for IoT connections, but there is greater uncertainty about what this will mean for revenues. The key question seems to be, can operators provide more than just the pipe?

Countdown to WRC-19: Part 1 – agenda, processes and timelines

November 2017 marked the half-way point between WRC-15 and WRC-19, the regular inter-governmental meeting tasked with amending the Radio Regulations. In a series of Research Notes, we take stock of global preparations for the meeting.

Countdown to WRC-19: Part 2 – HAPS and non-5G mobile

This Research Note looks at agenda items contained in Chapters 1 and 2 of the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) Report, principally new spectrum for High Altitude Platforms (HAPS); the identification of frequencies for some transport applications; extending the 5GHz Wi-Fi band; and terrestrial and satellite coexistence around 2 GHz.

Auction tracker updates

Canada 600 MHz

USA 28 GHz

USA 24 GHz

UK 2.3 GHz, and 3.4 GHz bands

News articles

Canadian plans for auctioning 600 MHz spectrum call for a significant set-aside to encourage greater competition. But set-asides have been tried in the past and have so far failed to expand the country’s highly concentrated mobile market, one consultant says.

Cuba initiates cooperation with Region 2 neighbours in preparation for WRC-19

Cuba is signalling its willingness to cooperate more actively with its neighbours in preparations for WRC-19.

New Zealand faces dilemma in freeing up 3.5 GHz band for 5G

New Zealand’s government wants the occupants of 3.5 GHz to vacate the band and is considering sharing auction proceeds with them as compensation.

Poland’s regulator to launch 450 MHz tender

The Polish parliament will soon amend the country’s telecoms law. The draft amendments include several relating to Poland’s spectrum policy and the activities of the country’s regulator.

Norway shifts to DAB radio but UK timetable remains unclear

Norway has successfully completed its move to digital audio broadcasting (DAB) in terms of switching off its FM stations, although old radio listening habits die hard, Digital Radio Norway says. It’s not yet clear if, or when, the UK will follow suit.