A review of the sanctions against Huawei in 40 countries
Jan 21, 2021 by Toby Youell


Former US President Trump’s foreign policy often kept observers guessing. But one aspect of the vaguely-defined “Trump Doctrine” is clear: confrontation with China. Perhaps no company has suffered more from this breakdown in relations between the two economic giants than Huawei, a leading provider of mobile broadband equipment.

But as we explain in a new research note, the global campaign against Huawei did not start in 2017, and is not limited only to the United States.

Politicians in Washington DC raised concerns about Huawei and ZTE as early as 2012.

And over the last few years, and with the encouragement of the United States, many other countries have put up barriers for Chinese companies in the name of national security.

Countries and companies that do not associate with Chinese companies are certified by the US State Department as having “Clean Networks”.

 The European Commission has developed a toolbox to help EU Member States make their own risk assessments.

Our new research note The unravelling story of Huawei equipment bans, includes a table that sets out these measures across 40 countries.