Regulators take fragmented approach to 5G private networks
Jun 29, 2020 by Toby Youell


LocationGermany, Global
Tags5G, verticals

Spectrum has been described as “the oxygen for the internet“, but historically frequencies that are usable for mobile broadband has been only available on a nationwide basis. Realistically, only mobile operators have been able to obtain this spectrum.

But as other industries try to take advantage of internet capabilities, particularly in their transition to “Industry 4.0”, more regulators have considered assigning spectrum directly to these companies.

The most well-known example is Germany, which set aside the valuable 3700 – 3800 MHz band from a 5G auction so its manufacturers could build their own private networks.

But as we catalogue in a new research note, regulators’ approaches to 5G private networks are by no means harmonised. Instead, each regulator seems to be taking very different decisions on which spectrum and how much of it, is made available to verticals, if at all.

The research note, Wide national policy divergence for 5G vertical spectrum, is available to Spectrum Research Service subscribers and includes a listing of all the approaches taken so far, along with the bands involved.