PolicyTracker’s upcoming training courses

This autumn we are holding three courses: our general policy overview - Understanding Modern Spectrum Management, followed by Valuing the Spectrum and our Auctions Training Course.

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These are all hybrid courses, available online or in person in Central London. Click on the links below to find out more, download brochures and book your place.

Understanding Modern Spectrum Management: 18-22 September

A five day course giving a thorough grounding in the engineering, policy, economic and legal aspects of spectrum management featuring sessions from world experts like Professor Martin Cave.

This year the course also features new trainers, including the 6G expert Dr Marja Matinmikko-Blue and the authority on international co-ordination, Dr. Mohamed El-Moghazi.

Valuing the Spectrum: 17-18 October

A two day course explaining the pros and cons of commonly-used valuation techniques including benchmarking and business modelling as well as giving real-world worked examples

Auctions Training Course: 19-20 October

Over two days this course examines the lessons of recent auctions and the implications of new formats. Attendees can take part in a variety of online auctions.

The courses are held in the afternoons, starting at 2 pm UK time, making them suitable for participants in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. We will also be holding courses with timings aimed at the Asian market – details to follow shortly.


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