PolicyTracker Spectrum Database now available online
Dec 08, 2021 by Toby Youell


Tags$/MHz/POP, PolicyTracker Spectrum Database, PSD

The industry-leading reference for spectrum allocations and assignments is now available to PolicyTracker Spectrum Research Service subscribers in an easy-to-use online format.

The PolicyTracker Spectrum Database provides detailed information about mobile spectrum allocations and assignments. This includes detailed information on licence ownership and auction prices.

$-MHz-pop online database

The $/MHz/pop online sheet

For over ten years we have made the database available through Google Sheets and protected Excel documents. We are now making it easier to access the information on your web browser directly through the PolicyTracker website. As a first phase of this initiative, we are making the following interactive datasets available:

  • $/MHz/pop pricing – Fees paid in the licences award process
  • Current Assignments – Mobile licences which are still valid
  • Expired Assignments – Mobile licences which are no longer valid
  • All Assignments – All mobile licences
  • Allocations – Frequencies that countries designate for IMT

These new online sheets allow you to filter, sort, and export subsets of simplified data.

The full dataset is available in Google Sheets and Excel format. The Spectrum Database is updated quarterly and the next edition is due in Q1 2022.