Podcast: What were the key transport-related decisions at WRC-23?

GMDSS, HIBS and ESIMs—PolicyTracker goes beyond the acronyms to explore three major areas of transport.

| Mirva Villa

The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) is held every four years, with each study cycle advancing decision-making on the use of spectrum by a range of services.

In this episode of our Spectrum Policy Podcast, Tural Aliyev, Senior Engineering Manager at Access Partnership, breaks down the significance of the decisions that affected transport-related communications.

We discuss three key decisions affecting the current and future use of spectrum by the transport industry, including one of the most hotly-debated agenda items—the modernisation of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and the recognition of China’s BeiDou messaging system alongside Inmarsat and Iridium Communications.

WRC-23 also defined new regulations for high-altitude platform stations as IMT base stations (HIBS). HIBS are expected to help improve connectivity in rural and remote areas.

Finally, Aliyev provides his analysis of the WRC-23 resolutions on Earth Stations in Motion (ESIMs). These stations, on aircraft, trains, ships or cars, can boost transport communications. WRC-23 identified new bands for these services.

Listen to the new podcast episode below. You can also find it on all major podcast platforms.


By | Mirva Villa
Mirva Villa is a journalist and analyst at PolicyTracker, reporting on spectrum policy issues. She holds an MA in International Relations. Mirva maintains the consultations and auctions trackers as part of PolicyTracker's research service.
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