Our new podcast: Spectrum Policy 101
Jan 23, 2023 by PolicyTracker


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For nearly 20 years PolicyTracker has been examining the policy debates behind spectrum management but this year we set ourselves a new challenge. We wanted to introduce the subject to a general audience rather than just solely addressing expert practitioners.

The result is our Spectrum Policy 101 podcast. We interview a series of big names in the field, asking them to explain what spectrum management is, why it is important and how it can bring the greatest social benefits.

Contributors include:

  • Professor Marc Raboy, author of Marconi : the man who networked the world
  • Peter Stuckmann, European Commission
  • Marja Matinmikko-Blue, University of Oulu
  • Ulrich Rehfuess, Nokia
  • Professor Gerard Pogorel
  • Professor Martin Cave
  • Richard Womersley, LS telcom
  • Professor Thomas Hazlett, former chief economist at the FCC
  • Professor William Webb, Access Partnership

It is hosted by Tim Jenkins, a former BBC World Service business news presenter.

If you already work in spectrum management we hope you will find some interesting reflections, and if you know anyone who is new to the field please share the link.

All the episodes are open access and available on the leading podcasting platforms. You can also listen to the podcast on YouTube here.