Operators profiles fully updated for 2022
Mar 24, 2022 by Toby Youell


Tags5G, 6G, HAPS, Open RAN, operators

The histories of spectrum policy and the mobile industry are closely intertwined. Much of the news in radio spectrum is driven by the stakeholders with the deepest pockets: mobile operators.

Mobile operators’ business strategies and technology focusses vary, but they all need spectrum. How they obtain that spectrum depends on the conditions in given markets, and their general approach to spectrum policy.

Given operators’ importance to the world of spectrum policy, for the last five years we have published profiles for the biggest and most influential mobile operators. We are now expanding our list of profiled operators to include the following companies from emerging economies:

The profiles provide background information, recent developments, and information about their future plans with regard to spectrum policy.

The ten other profiles have also been updated for 2022. We find a clear focus on 5G rollout, significant interest in Open RAN, and research into 6G and High Altitude Platform Stations.

These profiles are available for Spectrum Research Service subscribers here.