New research note on automated frequency coordination
Dec 20, 2022 by Jonathan Watson


For many people, the acronym “AFC” can only refer to one thing: Arsenal Football Club.

In the spectrum world, however, it refers to automated frequency coordination. This is a spectrum use coordination system that consists of a registered database of all the bands in use by various types of radio frequency services in a particular area.

Its most immediate application will be in the 6 GHz band, where it will enable spectrum sharing in North America. It could also appear in other regions and other bands.

A number of other countries are looking to the use of AFC in the 6 GHz band, including Brazil, Canada, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Other bands where AFC could be used include 3100—3450 MHz. This is now being explored by the US Department of Defense. Another possibility is 10—10.5 GHz.

It’s important to remember that AFC is different to the spectrum access system (SAS) deployed in the Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), the commercially available US sharing system in the 3550—3700 MHz band.

It’s turning into a vital piece in the spectrum sharing puzzle. For a detailed explanation, check out the new research note on AFC that has just been added to our Spectrum Research Service. It is now available here to Spectrum Research Service subscribers.