Spectrum Research Service: L-Band is getting wider
Oct 10, 2018 by Spectrum Research Service Blog


LocationGermany, Italy, UK
Tags1427 – 1518 MHz, 1452 – 1492 MHz band, CEPT, L-band, WRC-15

Continuing our analysis of current mobile bands in the Spectrum Research Service, we look at the gradual progress towards extending L-Band. 

One of the (only) major achievements of the mobile industry at WRC-15 was the near-global identification of the 1427 – 1518 MHz band for IMT. EU Member States were already planning on awarding the 1452 – 1492 MHz band, but now the European technical authority, CEPT, has completed more studies on extending on the band’s usage across the full 91 MHz of spectrum.

Awarding the band will not be straight forward as each country has its own set of current users in the bands. Nevertheless, the CEPT studies and the presence of E-UTRA bands across the wide spectrum range establish a basis for more extensive mobile use of the band in the future.

You can read our L-Band Research Note here, as well as accessing overviews, graphs and statistics about the other current mobile bands.

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By Toby Youell