Improvements to Spectrum Research Service email updates
Jul 02, 2018 by admin_pt



To keep subscribers better informed about the work we are doing in the Research Service, we are improving our email alert service. We want you to receive emails on the areas that interest you and be able to opt out of the services that don’t.

So Research Service subscribers will now receive two additional weekly emails about consultations and auctions, as well as the News Alerts and Research Note updates they already receive.

If you don’t want to get these new emails, just click unsubscribe when the email arrives and you will be removed from that particular list.

For example, if our Auctions Tracker alert isn’t of interest, click the unsubscribe link at the top of the email and you will be removed from that particular list. You will continue to receive the other emails described below, but you could unsubscribe from them individually in the same way.

Spectrum Research Service email alerts

  • News Alerts
    Frequency: almost every day
    Overview: a global perspective on the latest developments in  spectrum policy
  • Consultations Monitor
    Frequency: weekly
    Overview: new spectrum-related consultations announced this week
  • Auctions Tracker
    Frequency: weekly
    Overview: updates about forthcoming spectrum auctions
  • Research Notes
    Frequency: varies but weekly at most
    Overview: Analysis of trends, spectrum usage, stakeholder views and national positions.
  • Spectrum Hot Topics
    Frequency: weekly
    News, editorial and opinion as well as details of our products and services

You can also manage your email preferences at this webpage.