How does EU spectrum policy work?
Feb 07, 2023 by PolicyTracker


That’s one of the issues we tackle in our Spectrum Policy 101 podcast by talking to Peter Stuckmann, the head of the Future Connectivity Systems unit at the European Commission.

The aim of the podcast is to explain spectrum policy to a general audience. We may be specialist journalists, analysts and researchers here at PolicyTracker but we would like to make this tricky area more accessible.

In the first episode of this brand-new podcast, we get to grips with the basics of spectrum management and Peter Stuckmann explains how the European Union approaches it across the 27 member states. While member states have the primary responsibility for spectrum, the Commission has a role in maximising the overall benefits by encouraging the development of similar approaches.

The podcast also provides an engineering perspective from LS telcom expert Richard Womersley.

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All the episodes are open-access and available on the leading podcasting platforms. You can also listen to the podcast on YouTube here.