Book launch on Thursday 19th: lessons learnt and key debates for spectrum policy
May 09, 2022 by PolicyTracker


TagsMartin Cave, Spectrum Auctions, Spectrum Trading, The Debates Shaping Spectrum Policy

The Cave review of Spectrum Management in the UK was published twenty years ago and provides the theme for the launch of our new book, The Debates Shaping Spectrum Policy.

Professor Cave’s study was influential in promoting spectrum liberalisation in many countries and called for the use of market mechanisms like auctions, trading and incentive pricing.

Speakers at the launch include Professor Cave and Professor Gerard Pogorel of Telecom Paris, who both contributed to the book, as well as Raj Sivalingam, who worked on the original Cave review and is now a senior UK civil servant.

This is a hybrid event, taking place in central London at 5 pm on Thursday May 19th. There will be a short debate followed by refreshments and you can also take part online.

To attend this free event virtually or in person please register here. Some free copies of the book will be available!