Benchmarking: a new feature for the Spectrum Research Service
Jul 01, 2021 by PolicyTracker


Tags6 GHz, 6 GHz benchmarking, benchmarking

The Spectrum Research Service now includes a benchmarking section featuring international comparisons on key policy issues.

We start with 6 GHz unlicensed, an area of intense policy activity, following the US 2020 announcement to designate the whole 5925-7125 MHz band for unlicensed use.

Some countries are following the US lead, while others, including much of Europe, are only making an unlicensed allocation in the  lower portion of the band.

This is discussed in detail in 6 GHz unlicensed: the regional picture, one of four research notes making up the 6 GHz unlicensed benchmark.

There is considerable variation in the power levels being used in different sections of 5925-7125 MHz, and this is discussed in the technical approaches note.

Our 6 GHz unlicensed benchmark covers the policy approaches taken in over 40 countries and the data is presented in a table which you can also download. A progress map and several tables explaining the current position are also available on our data at a glance page.

We will be adding new benchmarks on key policy areas in the coming months.

To fit in the new benchmarking feature we have made a slight revision to the Spectrum Research Service menu. The operators, vendors, OTT players and countries sections now appear in a drop-down titled stakeholder views.