Automatic trial of Spectrum Research Service for Newsletter subscribers
Mar 26, 2020 by PolicyTracker


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As you may know, PolicyTracker’s Spectrum Research Service has now been running for five years and has over 500 subscribers.

They get access to our extensive library of Research Notes, analysing the key spectrum policy issues and assessing the strategic positions of all the major stakeholders across the mobile, satellite and unlicensed sectors. A few examples are below.

As a Newsletter subscriber, we would like to offer you a free 48 hour trial.  Just click here and within an hour our software will give you access. You can take a trial at any time by clicking on a Research Note on our site.

The weekly Research Notes are one part of the overall Spectrum Research Service, which also includes our Spectrum Database, the Auction Tracker and our Consultation Alerts. When you take a trial, we’ll send you more details.

If you would like to discuss further, please get in touch by responding to this email or calling +44(0)20 7100 2875.