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Spectrum rights: thorn in the side of regulators?
Jul 25, 2006
by Website author

Today the UK communications regulator Ofcom acknowledged that more work is needed on the question of Spectrum Usage Rights. Is there anything Europe can learn from the recent furore over rights in New Zealand? Read more...

GSM operators: Commission threatens success of new mobile services
Jul 24, 2006
by Website author

Liberalising the IMT-2000 expansion band will fragment the 3G market says the GSMA. No, says Brussels and the WiMAX lobby – UMTS is big enough to look after itself. Here PolicyTracker analyses the key issues. Read more...

Licence-exempt regulation seems to be working fine, says Ofcom
Jul 18, 2006
by Website author

Plenty of energy has been expended in recent months investigating the possibilities for licence-exempt spectrum. While studies in Europe reveal that there is no significant demand for it, does it follow that regulation should remain unchanged? Read more...

UWB: Europe’s regulators struggle to agree a way forward
Jul 14, 2006
by Website author

Tardy decision making processes are delaying the arrival of UWB products on Europe’s shores. However, with the success of low power transmitters like iTrip perhaps regulators will eventually have to accept that the consumer is king. Read more...

Ofcom to clarify draft wording of spectrum award
Jul 13, 2006
by Website author

It has taken over a year but UK super-regulator Ofcom has decided that bar a few changes to the draft text, the award of the bands 412-414 MHz paired with 422-424 MHz will go ahead as planned. Read more...

OPINION: Norway shows member states how to maximise the digital dividend
Jul 12, 2006
by Website author

With plans for a digital world in motion post RRC-06, European regulators must now consider licensing procedures that maximise any “digital dividend”. Here two lawyers tell us about Norway’s flexible approach and why it is a good idea… Read more...

EU spectrum agency fails to win support
Jul 07, 2006
by Website author

Last week Viviane Reding defied the recommendation made in European Commission’s own impact assessment relating to the review of EU telecoms rules by publicly calling for a pan-EU spectrum agency. Should we be worried that bureaucracy is increasing? Read more...

New 3G licence to boost competition in Norway
Jul 06, 2006
by Website author

In a bid to fuel competition, Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has invited interested parties to bid for its fourth 3G licence. Read more...

Norwegian DTT network sparks competition concerns
Jul 04, 2006
by Website author

Norway’s protracted debate over the building of a DTT network is over but concerns remain over the Culture Ministry’s role in granting the concession to a consortium part-owned by NRK, the state-funded broadcaster. Read more...

Trading comes to France and Germany (audio available)
Jul 03, 2006
by Website author

Europe is taking an important step towards spectrum liberalisation with Germany and France announcing that they will gradually introduce the ability to independently trade spectrum licences. Read more...