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Training Courses

Apr 04, 2014 by admin

PolicyTracker training events feature leading academics and recognised experts on spectrum management with teaching and learning materials that reflect the latest research. We create a relaxed social environment where professionals can add to the learning experience by networking with colleagues from other sectors and countries.

Forthcoming courses

Understanding Combinatorial Clock Auctions

May 15 - 16 2014 PolicyTracker training suite, London, UK

In combinatorial clock auctions millions of euros are involved and extensive preparation is needed to mitigate the risks. This two day training course teaches both theory and practice to equip delegates with the skills needed to participate in these auctions.

Spectrum Auctions Masterclass 

    2-6 June  2014, Farnham Castle, Surrey, UK

A five day course giving a unique opportunity for regulators and commercial organisations to experience the theory and practice of spectrum auctions.  

Accounting and finance for spectrum managers

    Jun 19 - 20 2014,  PolicyTracker training suite, London, UK

An overview of the accounting principles involved in the commercial regulation of the airwaves, including valuation, licence acquisition, trading and sharing as well as a special section on understanding company accounts. 

Understanding Modern Spectrum Management

22-26 September 2014
Harris Manchester College, Oxford, UK

Now in new luxurious surroundings at Harris Manchester College this five day residential training course has been updated to cover all the current policy priorities. 

Past Courses                                                      Bespoke Training 

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