Updated band profiles
Sep 11, 2019 by Toby Youell



The profiles of mobile bands in our Spectrum Research Services have been updated to take into account developments over the past year. These include auctions and regulatory decisions at the national, regional, and global level, as well as important industry initiatives.

In contrast to the technology’s early focus on mmWave frequencies, the last few years has seen greater emphasis on bands between 1 GHz and 7 GHz for future 5G networks. Many of these bands are already deployed for 4G services.

Some mmWave bands are now being used for 5G and there is also greater clarity about which of the higher frequency ranges are likely to be receive WRC-19 backing. To reflect this, we have reorganised our profiles into two groups: “Current 4G and 5G bands” and “Possible 5G bands”.

The new profiles are listed below, and are available on the website here.