Regulating competition in mobile markets: book now and save £200
Apr 16, 2019
by Training blog

The early bird deadline for our Regulating competition in mobile markets training course on June 5-6 has been extended to allow for the easter holidays. The reduced delegate fee is now available until Thursday May 2nd: book now to take advantage of the discount. The course gives a thorough background in competition policy, explaining… Read more...

mmWave: the transatlantic divide
Apr 12, 2019
by Martin Sims

5G services in mmWave bands have been as popular in the US as they are unpopular in Europe. Verizon is already providing home broadband using pre-standards 5G in 28 GHz in several US cities, with AT&T following close behind. In Europe, there are plenty of mmWave trials. However, the only… Read more...

Chinese support would boost 700 MHz across Asia
Apr 05, 2019
by Richard Handford

China appears to be getting closer to releasing the 700 MHz band for mobile use. The benefits of the band for mobile broadband, including rural and in-building coverage, are well documented. Chinese support, as well as making 700 MHz available domestically, would enable neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau to move ahead… Read more...

Do you know what to expect from regulators in the mobile market?
Apr 02, 2019
by Jonathan Watson

In the mobile business, regulators can play havoc with your share price. Just look at what happened last week. Reports of potential setbacks in Sprint and T-Mobile's merger approval process in the US caused each firm to lose almost 5% of its value. It was a different story for T-Mobile… Read more...

April spectrum training course: a few places remaining
Mar 20, 2019
by Training blog

Book now to reserve one of the remaining places on our  Understanding Modern Spectrum Management course being held in London on 1-4 April. It offers a full grounding in all aspects of wireless communications but also considers how 5G can deliver the maximum benefits -  download the brochure here. Themes include: Technical possibilities… Read more...

What are the financial implications of mobile coverage obligations?
Mar 19, 2019
by Martin Sims

Download the coverage obligations white paper Mobile coverage obligations are an increasingly important part of spectrum auctions and national connectivity strategies. This reflects the growing economic importance of mobile broadband and the patchy success of previous initiatives. In many developed nations there are no reliable voice and data services in… Read more...

A new course: Regulating Competition in Mobile Markets, London, 5-6 June
Mar 14, 2019
by Training blog

Competition is a vital element in regulating mobile and spectrum plays a key part in creating the right environment, This course is designed to give a thorough background in competition policy, explaining the latest approaches and how these evolved. It uses a series of global case studies with a particular… Read more...

Spectrum Auctions Masterclass, 13-16 May 2019: book now and save £200
Mar 06, 2019
by Training blog

Book now to take advantage of the early bird pricing for our Spectrum Auctions Masterclass. This four day course is an ideal opportunity to learn from leading practitioners and get hands-on experience in a variety of auction formats. Read more...

5G: drowning in a sea of numbers
Mar 04, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

Have you ever wondered what comes after a trillion? Or how many zeros there are in a nonillion? From crime statistics to the cost of 5G, we don't seem able to process figures we can't relate to. And, given that almost every business and government that touches our lives thinks in… Read more...

Country Research Notes now feature population density maps

Our country Research Notes have been updated and now include population density maps. Population density is a crucial factor for most wireless services: it determines how many people can receive them and so the economic viability of a product or the cost of reaching most of the population. The population density maps,… Read more...