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France announces arrangements for GSM re-farming
Jul 11, 2007
by Website author

France's mobile operators will be able to reuse the GSM bands for third generation services as early as next year under an arrangement which also covers access to the bands for the winner of a new 3G licence. Read more...

Sweden considers use of digital dividend
Jul 09, 2007
by Website author

The Swedish government will decide on the use of freed-up analogue television spectrum by the end of the year, ministers said at a parliamentary hearing on digital TV. Switch-off is expected to be complete by November. Read more...

UK presses ahead with market regime for broadcast spectrum
Jul 06, 2007
by Martin Sims

Ofcom is to introduce a market-based pricing system for digital TV and radio, rejecting claims that this is economically inefficient, will damage programming and prolong uncertainty over broadcasters' funding. Read more...

July 2007 printed issue available for download
Jul 02, 2007
by Website author

Our top story this month is the latest development in the battle to get WiMAX accepted as part of the IMT-2000 family of technologies. Read more...

Special meeting called over WiMAX/IMT-2000
Jun 29, 2007
by Website author

The battle to get WiMAX included as a part of the IMT-2000 family took an unexpected turn at the ITU-R Study Group 8 meeting in Geneva on June 25 and 26. Read more...

Ofcom bows to pressure over wireless mics
Jun 28, 2007
by Website author

The UK regulator has watered down plans to apply market principles to spectrum for wireless mics but PMSE users say they still need more details. Read more...

Canada makes spectrum liberalisation priority for 2007
Jun 27, 2007
by Website author

The Canadian government has asked a leading European expert, Professor Martin Cave, for advice on liberalising the country's spectrum management regime. Read more...

And now the implementation…
Jun 26, 2007
by Website author

The Commission’s harmonisation of frequencies for mobile satellite services was warmly welcomed by operators. But how should the licences be awarded, how can national approaches be co-ordinated and can the EU keep to the proposed timetable? Read more...

Manufacturer calls for UHF for home networking
Jun 25, 2007
by Website author

HDTV means the existing unlicensed bands will soon run out of capacity says Philips but not all regulators agree. Read more...

Opinion: the nine regimes of spectrum management
Jun 21, 2007
by Website author

Spectrum management is more complex than usually imagined, argues Gerard Pogorel. There are nine possible regimes, not just command and control, market or commons, and it is more productive to think of wireless clusters rather than individual technologies Read more...