Tag: 5G
New country profiles reveal focus on 5G
May 19, 2022
by Toby Youell

What is the point of spectrum policy? Ask two spectrum managers and you will probably receive three answers. In four countries newly profiled by PolicyTracker the answer is clear: 5G. In Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea, the authorities appear to regulate spectrum with a clear focus on enabling the… Read more...

US regulator expected to decide soon on 12 GHz band
May 17, 2022
by Richard Haas

Those in favour of opening up the 12 GHz band for terrestrial use are hopeful that the US regulator will make a decision by mid-year. Read more...

May 15, 2022
by Richard Handford

China wants to release more spectrum to sustain its 5G drive. Read more...

India plans major new spectrum law
May 11, 2022
by Richard Handford

The Indian government is working on what could be the most significant change to spectrum legislation in the country in more than twenty years. Read more...

May 09, 2022
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting Western sanctions on Moscow are likely to further delay 5G’s rollout across the country. The Russian state is determined to keep using the 3.4 - 3.8 GHz band for military purposes, forcing local operators to develop 5G services with the use of the… Read more...

May 09, 2022
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s regulator UKE has been postponing the launch of its first 5G spectrum auction for the past two years after canceling its previous attempt in 2020. The lagging legislative work on amending the law on the National Cyber-Security System has hampered efforts by the agency to sell the spectrum, as… Read more...

Blockchain-based wireless network seeks further growth following new investment
May 04, 2022
by Richard Haas

Helium is a new type of network which is maintained and operated by individuals. As the network expands into 5G, spectrum access remains a barrier to global expansion. Read more...

Will more “process” help or hinder US 5G spectrum release?
Apr 27, 2022
by Dugie Standeford

The proposal by US spectrum regulators FCC and NTIA to stop arguing and cooperate more closely on spectrum management has been widely praised—but will more "process" be enough to prevent federal agencies from thwarting their spectrum decisions? Read more...

Slovak operators agree 1800 MHz spectrum trade as regulator publishes 5G auction terms
Apr 22, 2022
by Jaroslaw Adamowski

The Slovak regulator praised the agreement between four operators, calling their effort “unique within the European Union”. Read more...

Brazilian consultation on 4.9 GHz
Apr 19, 2022
by Richard Haas

19 April 2022: Anatel has now launched this consultation. The regulator hopes to allocate part of the 4.9 GHz band for mobile services as laid out in the previous update. The consultation is open for comment until May 27, 2022. 11 April 2022: Brazil’s regulator Anatel has announced it will issue… Read more...