Oxford course 16-19 Sept: the essential spectrum policy overview
May 22, 2019
by Martin Sims

Making the best use of the airwaves requires a knowledge of several disciplines: from engineering to law and from economics to technology trends. These are all covered in our signature course, Understanding Modern Spectrum Management, held at Oxford University from 16-19 September. The trainers include internationally recognised experts, such as the… Read more...

MNOs bite back – carriers try to side-step coverage obligations
May 16, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

Poor mobile coverage has always been troublesome for everyone. Just ask David Cameron. When the former UK prime minister had to cut short his summer holidays due to a lack of mobile coverage, he issued a plea for better broadband for rural communities. But almost five years later, "not-spots" remain… Read more...

Could radar-communications spectrum sharing ease the capacity crunch?
May 03, 2019
by Dugie Standeford

In the first of a new series focussed on academic research on spectrum-related issues, we look at whether radar and communication systems could share spectrum to help relieve spectrum scarcity. Read more...

Mobile competition in the 5G era: a white paper
May 01, 2019
by Training blog

Competition in the mobile market has always been a balancing act, but 5G may be tipping the scales. PolicyTracker's new white paper, Mobile competition in the 5G era, examines the key policy issues, including: Is more competition necessarily better? Does competition damage investment? Is there an ideal number of operators? Where do… Read more...

Are verticals interested in 5G at all?
Apr 30, 2019
by Manuel R. Marti

If you’ve been to a telecoms event over the last few years, chances are you heard the phrase "5G aims to cover a wider set of use cases". People claim that 5G rollouts will open doors to new opportunities in verticals, like agriculture, smart cities, utilities, manufacturing and beyond. But… Read more...

Getting to 5G first: a spectrum policy perspective
Apr 18, 2019
by Toby Youell

There have been intense discussions in recent weeks about which country was first to 5G. Was it South Korea, whose government and operators coordinated a 5G launch on 3 April? Or was it the US, where Verizon launched 5G for phones with clip-on adaptors in Chicago and Minneapolis the previous… Read more...

Regulating competition in mobile markets: book now and save £200
Apr 16, 2019
by Training blog

The early bird deadline for our Regulating competition in mobile markets training course on June 5-6 has been extended to allow for the easter holidays. The reduced delegate fee is now available until Thursday May 2nd: book now to take advantage of the discount. The course gives a thorough background in competition policy, explaining… Read more...

mmWave: the transatlantic divide
Apr 12, 2019
by Martin Sims

5G services in mmWave bands have been as popular in the US as they are unpopular in Europe. Verizon is already providing home broadband using pre-standards 5G in 28 GHz in several US cities, with AT&T following close behind. In Europe, there are plenty of mmWave trials. However, the only… Read more...

Chinese support would boost 700 MHz across Asia
Apr 05, 2019
by Richard Handford

China appears to be getting closer to releasing the 700 MHz band for mobile use. The benefits of the band for mobile broadband, including rural and in-building coverage, are well documented. Chinese support, as well as making 700 MHz available domestically, would enable neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau to move ahead… Read more...

Do you know what to expect from regulators in the mobile market?
Apr 02, 2019
by Jonathan Watson

In the mobile business, regulators can play havoc with your share price. Just look at what happened last week. Reports of potential setbacks in Sprint and T-Mobile's merger approval process in the US caused each firm to lose almost 5% of its value. It was a different story for T-Mobile… Read more...