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Europe divided, Asia takes the lead
Mar 27, 2006
by Website author

Does it matter that the dream of allowing alternative mobile broadband services across Europe in the 2.5 GHz band has been thwarted yet again? South Korea may soon give us the answer. Read more...

European Commission lends strong support to RFID tags
Mar 24, 2006
by Website author

Another step towards an Orwellian world or an aid to better customer relations? Read more...

A clear picture has yet to emerge
Mar 21, 2006
by Website author

The broadcasting, wireless and mobile sectors are all keen to make use of the digital dividend but their plans are being frustrated by the difficulties of predicting which frequencies will be released in which countries. Read more...

Digital dividend: non-broadcasters could face a long wait
Mar 13, 2006
by Website author

The forthcoming ITU Regional Radio Conference of 2006 may herald the dawn of TV’s digital era but electronic communications services - not classified as broadcasting – may not get access to the coveted broadcast bands for several years. Read more...

2.5 GHz stalemate continues
Mar 10, 2006
by Website author

A compromise proposal which would have allowed WiMAX and other services in a section of the 2.5-2.69 GHz band currently reserved for IMT-2000 technologies has failed to gain sufficient support. Read more...

Underwater wireless: a new regulatory frontier
Mar 09, 2006
by Website author

Taking a traditional approach to standards could undermine the fledgling underwater wireless industry, warns a company involved in the sector. Read more...

VoIP mobiles could be target for new US spectrum tax
Mar 02, 2006
by Website author

The White House hopes to make $3.6Bn from a spectrum usage tax which seems to target WiFi or WiMAX enabled phones. We say “seems” because clarity is very hard to come by... Read more...

Editorial: the genie is out of the bottle
Mar 01, 2006
by Website author

The Cable & Wireless/Libera deal in the UK is the EU's first spectrum trade and is a powerful boost for the liberalision camp. Read more...

Regulators look set to accept compromise on 2.5 GHz
Feb 28, 2006
by Website author

With those countries firmly opposed to technology neutrality digging in their heels finding the middle ground seems the likely solution to the long running dispute over allocation of this 3G expansion band. Read more...

Indecision forces UWB developers into technologically difficult territory
Feb 24, 2006
by Website author

Continuing disagreement over the prevention of interference in the lower bands is driving developers towards the 6-9GHz bands despite the difficulties this poses for chip design. Read more...