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Digital dividend focus – the cost of the free market
Mar 20, 2007
by Website author

Auctioning the UK’s freed-up analogue TV spectrum on a technology neutral basis could cost hundreds of millions of pounds in re-engineering fees. Read more...

Could laser ease the bandwidth squeeze?
Mar 13, 2007
by Website author

The armed forces are often criticised for over-use of the airwaves, but could a technology emerging from the military sphere transform current perceptions of spectrum scarcity? Read more...

US “white space” battle hots up as Microsoft unveils device prototype
Mar 09, 2007
by Website author

The FCC is testing specifications for a cognitive radio device which six giants of the IT industry claim will enable the transmission of a wireless broadband service without interfering with digital TV signals. Read more...

DVB-H – which regulatory approach is working best?
Mar 08, 2007
by Website author

Italy is the first European country to get a commercial DVB-H network, with Germany, Italy and Spain soon to follow. What can regulators learn from the speed of developments in these countries? Read more...

Mobile services in UHF proving a tricky proposition
Mar 05, 2007
by Website author

In an exclusive interview with PolicyTracker, Kavouss Arasteh, chairman of the WRC-07 preparatory meeting explains why most countries would prefer advanced mobile services in the higher frequency bands. Read more...

Touchstone for mobile TV in Asia
Mar 02, 2007
by Website author

An exercise by the Hong Kong regulator is set to gauge the likely popularity of the new Chinese mobile TV standard as well as determine the regulatory approach in a key regional market gearing up for the 2008 Olympics. Read more...

March printed issue available for download
Mar 01, 2007
by Website author

Our themes this month are refarming the 2G spectrum, the surge of interest in 60GHz and a comparison of the regulatory approaches to mobile television. Read more...

Australia due to publish public spectrum review next month
Feb 27, 2007
by Website author

An independent audit of government spectrum holdings is considering ways of releasing frequencies for commercial and other uses. Incentive charging mechanisms for government agencies is one possibility. Read more...

Wireless mics can enter the digital era
Feb 26, 2007
by Website author

Complaints from the theatrical community in both the US and the UK are unjustified, says consultant Michael Marcus. He argues the problem is not an engineering one, but an issue of policy and economics. Read more...

Surge of interest in using 60GHz for in-home devices
Feb 23, 2007
by Website author

The high data rates available at 60GHz are being proposed as the ideal solution for wirelessly connecting to high definition TVs. But will this complement UWB or be a competitor? Read more...