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AWS-3 auction marks a U-turn in spectrum auction revenues
Nov 28, 2014
by PolicyTracker

We put auction in context as prices pass an average of $1.82/MHz/POP Read more...

Editorial: When is an auction not an auction?
Nov 22, 2013
by PolicyTracker

Belgian regulator BIPT’s announcement that the country’s three existing network operators had won all the available spectrum in its 800 MHz auction is a strong candidate for “least surprising news of the year”. Read more...

Press release: PolicyTracker warning over 4G auction proceeds proves correct
Feb 20, 2013
by Martin Sims

The amount raised was the average of our upper and lower estimate: much less than the government's projection! Read more...

Global Spectrum Database: June 11 update
May 31, 2011
by PolicyTracker

The latest edition of the Global Spectrum Database, the ultimate reference source for mobile and wireless broadband frequencies, shows operators keen to pick up extra spectrum for new and existing services. Read more...