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Spectrum Research Service: adding new users and managing email alerts
This Spectrum Research Service consists of four things: Newsletter access, the Spectrum Database, the Auctions tracker service and the Spectrum Dashboard. This explains how to give them access and unsubscribe individual users
May 15, 2017 by Martin Sims

You can only give people access to the Auctions tracker and Spectrum Dashboard once they have become newsletter subscribers and confirmed their password for the website.

So first check whether the new SRS user is already a subscriber, if they are go to 2, if not start at 1.

1. Giving access to the newsletter

  1. If the SRS subscriber is not a newsletter sub, either find their existing record in SF or create a new one. 
  2. Please make sure there is an entry in “Last Login Time” –  any date will do – just clicking in box enters today’s date and time and that is fine 
  3. Tick  these four boxes: PTN subscriber, SRS subscriber, PSD subscriber, Enable
  4. Send them New Research Service Subscriber (NOT PTN sub) template  in SF in  Spectrum Research Service folder , which will get them to verify their address.
  5. Once they have verified their address you will get an email from SF telling you to add them to the groups below.

2. Send the Spectrum Database

As soon as you have made their SF entry, you can give send them the Spectrum Database, using the normal instructions here. Don’t forget to enter usernames and passwords!

But please use the Send Database to new Research Service Sub template in the Spectrum Research Service folder .

3. Granting access to Auctions tracker and Spectrum Dashboard

This isn’t done through salesforce but on the website itself. Is a matter of adding the user to four website groups.

  1. AUCTIONS TRACKER: First add them to Alert subscribers by going down to the bottom of the page, searching for the person’s name or email, ticking the chechbox and clicking “add to group”
  2. SPECTRUM DASHBOARD First add them to Bands observers group by going down to the bottom of the page, searching for the person’s name or email, ticking the chechbox and clicking “add to group”
  3. The person should then be able to see the Spectrum Dashboard and the auctions tracker services and get alerts when they are  updated

AN IMPORTANT TIP: Oddly enough, when searching for someone you often have more success with a part of their name or email rather than the whole thing. Eg sarongrat.wongsaroj@plumconsulting.co.uk didn’t produce any results but “sarongrat” did.

4. Send the welcome email

  1. Once you have completed everything above  manually send them the New SRS user welcome email  in the Spectrum Research Service folder .

Email alerts

Once you have followed all the steps above the users will automatically get email alerts. 

Removing people from email alerts for Dashboard or Auctions Tracker

Rather a rough interim solution, but open their user profile on the webpage (for example) and add zz to their email. You can find user profile at the groups above eg Bands observers