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Blogs: how to create a blog for another user
If someone wants to do a blog, this is how to to set it up for them
Jul 25, 2013 by Martin Sims
  1. Log in as an admin user
  2. Go to /blogs
  3. Use “Add new” drop down menu to create a new weblog and call it the name of the blogger e.g. Martin Sims, so the url will appear like this: http://www.policytracker.com/blogs/martin-sims
  4. Click the sharing tab on the folder you have created and use the search function to find the user who will be updating the blog
  5. Once you have found them tick all the boxes:
    User/Group Can add Can edit Can view Can review

    Logged-in users


  6. The user will now be able to add blog entries to just this folder
  7. Only subscribers can create blogs
  8. You also need to enter the name of the new blogger here to ensure their work is shown on the front page.
Issues With adding Portraits 
In the case a user can’t add a photo to their profile, due to error message “insufficient privileges” 
1.  Log in as an admin user
2.  Access link /prefs_users_overview  
3.  Search for the users name. 
4.  Select the users profile 
5.  Add the desired picture. Save & reload