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Legal ruling gives boost to GSM gateways
Sep 04, 2006
by Website author

The UK’s Competition Appeals Tribunal has dismissed claims by the regulator Ofcom that a banned technique used to cut the cost of calling mobile phones breached laws on the use of spectrum. Read more...

PolicyTracker September e-Edition available for download
Sep 04, 2006
by Website author

UK readers will be particularly interested in our exclusive report on the result of the GSM gateways case but our top story this month is the mounting pressure to harmonise the digital dividend. Read more...

European Commission steps up pressure over digital dividend
Aug 31, 2006
by Website author

Member states are being asked to specify their position on reallocating analogue TV frequencies as opinion shifts towards pan-European co-ordination. Read more...

PMSE spectrum users fear the future
Aug 30, 2006
by Website author

Pan-European harmonisation of spectrum for Programme Making and Special Events is not an option, says Ofcom. What then is the future of UK radio mic users post digital switchover? Read more...

Danish authorities rethink spectrum management
Aug 29, 2006
by Website author

Denmark has set in motion a revamp of its existing frequency plan, indicating a move away from a traditional command and control approach to a more flexible take on spectrum management. Read more...

Norway moves with the mobile times
Aug 21, 2006
by Website author

The Norwegian communications regulator is to auction 22 MHz of 2.3 GHz spectrum next month in a move which could set the pace across Europe for voluntary harmonisation of the band for mobile broadband. Read more...

Plans for terrestrial services in fixed satellite bands meet resistance
Aug 18, 2006
by Website author

Fixed satellite service operators occupying the bands being considered for the use of IMT-2000 systems look set to dig in their heels, but are they fighting a losing battle? Read more...

South African spectrum policy takes its cue from Europe
Aug 15, 2006
by Website author

Demand for wireless services in South Africa is forcing policymakers to rethink the way radio spectrum is allocated but strong government intervention is likely to continue until the market is sufficiently competitive. Read more...

T-Mobile leads race in US spectrum auction
Aug 10, 2006
by Website author

Nearly $800 million has been put on the table in just the first round of bidding for eagerly awaited prime mobile spectrum. The auction is expected to last months with analysts predicting a total yield of up to $15 billion. Read more...

WLAN, RFID, 3G: beware China
Aug 07, 2006
by Website author

The Chinese authorities have agreed not to make WAPI a mandatory market access requirement for the time being but that is not to say that the country’s industrial policy is no longer of concern for Europe’s policy makers. Read more...

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