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PolicyTracker email alerts: viewing HTML emails
Jun 29, 2012
by Martin Sims

How to make HTML emails display properly in most email clients Read more...

PolicyTracker mobile site: general overview
Apr 18, 2011
by Martin Sims

How to get the mobile-formatted version of PolicyTracker Its easy! Click on the links in our email alerts - or visit our website  and the content is automatically reformatted for mobiles.  Here's a bit more detail: When you visit the PolicyTracker website  - - on your  mobile you will… Read more...

PolicyTracker website: saved password is wrong
Aug 11, 2010
by Martin Sims

To delete an individual stored password in Internet Explorer please: Start typing your username eg "m" When the full username appears  as an option below eg "martin"  move the mouse over that so it is highlighted.Hit the delete key and you should get a pop up box saying "Windows has… Read more...

PolicyTracker website log in details
Jul 19, 2010
by Martin Sims

No. If your browser hasn't prompted you to remember your username and password you need to tell it to do this:  Internet Explorer:  go to Tools/Internet options/content/ auto complete settings/ tick "prompt me to save passwords"Firefox: Preferences/security/remember passwords for sitesSafari: Preferences/Autofill/tick "user names and passwords" You should then get the… Read more...

PolicyTracker website: error message with Safari browser
Jul 19, 2010
by Martin Sims

There is a fault with the Safari browser which prevents access to secure sites like Policytracker i.e. those starting httpS:// rather than http:// You will a message like this: "Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Reason: You're speaking plain HTTP to an SSL-enabled… Read more...